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In December 2020, Haim Eshed, a retired Israeli general and former head of the Israeli Defense Ministry’s space directorate gained attention for making controversial claims about extraterrestrial life and alleged secret collaborations between humans and aliens. He stated that aliens and the U.S. government had reached some type of deal to stay quiet about their experiments on Earth and secret facilities on Mars.

In his claims, Mr. Eshed said ETs exist and monitor our nuclear capabilities. There is a “Galactic Federation,” and the alien species with whom humanity will contact is “Grey.” According to him, Earth is their Petri dish, and they are also trying to understand the whole fabric of the universe. He further stated that some of the smaller UFOs are robots/AI, consciousness is present after death, and humans have anti-gravity technology but it is still classified.

The above-mentioned information was shared by Mr. Eshed in his book “The Universe Beyond the Horizon,” published in November 2020 and discussed in his interview with Israel’s daily newspaper “Yedioth Aharonot.” He had been a director of space programs for the Israel Ministry of Defense for nearly 30 years, is a former chair of the Space Committee of the National Council for Research and Development for the Ministry of Science, Technology, and Space, and is a member of the steering committee of Israel Space Agency. He is responsible for the launch of 20 Israeli-made satellites and is widely cited as the father of Israel’s space program. (Source)

Israel's former space head Haim Eshed
Israel’s former space head Haim Eshed

In the book, Eshed makes implausible claims that include stories of how aliens prevented potential nuclear disasters, including an unspecified nuclear incident during the Bay of Pigs Invasion. Below is the English translation of his interview titled “The UFOs asked not to advertise that they are here, humanity is not yet ready,” where he also discussed the Skinwalker Ranch and alleged contact between aliens and US presidents.

Until recently, Eshed actually managed to hold back, but then Trump officially established the “Space Force”, and the press was given an announcement that the Pentagon’s Task Force for Unidentified Aerial Phenomena” would begin publishing its findings to the public every six months. At the same time, the “Skinwalker” cattle ranch of the American billionaire Robert Bigelow in Utah – a place that was previously suspected to be a favorite destination for extraterrestrials – recorded some things that no amount of popcorn in the world would be enough to watch.

“Unidentified phenomena have now been recorded at this farm,” said Eshed. “A team of scientists from NASA and MIT graduates brought all possible instruments there – cameras, spectrometers, spectrographs, gamma-rays, X-rays, UV, IR, all fields, and they saw things that I was left with my mouth open. I spoke with Prof. Isaac Ben-Israel (currently the chairman of the Space Agency) who was also thrilled.”

What did they see there? “You know the term portal in this context? So you see a UFO appear there – you photograph it in the entire spectrum of the cameras, you see the radiation in all frequencies, it’s raging!”

Could not it be some familiar aircraft? “No! It shows definite signs of UFOs: crazy accelerations, lack of gravity, 90-degree changes of direction at tremendous speeds, shape-shifting. And all the scientists there are in complete shock.”

And what is the UFO doing? “ You see the radiation jump, and you see how a shape-changing body arrives, light comes out of it at a frequency that you cannot see with the naked eye – in fact, you do not see anything when you look normally – but with the cameras, at the high frequencies, you see this body perform” Kill from utilization’ – drawing blood from the cattle on the ground in front of your eyes.”

What exactly did they see? “Something like a cloud like that. Like you draw a ghost for children. It’s like an undefined cloud, amorphous, and the horns come out of it, and you see the cow twitching. And when it’s over, everyone runs to the field to see, and there’s nothing there, no blood – but the cow’s body has a cut which is like with a laser. They removed its organs and pumped the blood! If they had told me that, I would have said: Shit, it’s a show. But professors from MIT and leading researchers have seen and confirmed it, and everyone is shocked. So listen, we have to at least check.”

Why does not Robert Bigelow himself tell about it? “He received huge funding from NASA as part of programs that my friends there only mumble about under their breath, and he made a written commitment that everything goes to the Pentagon and is housed there. It upsets him that the Ministry of Defense is not ready to release anything.”

…American presidents also testified to this. Truman admitted seeing a whole bunch of aliens over Washington. Nixon, who was a friend of comedian Jackie Gleason and knew he was crazy about UFOs, told him, ‘I’m going to make your life’s dream come true,’ and took him to the White Patterson base and showed him alien bodies. Gleason got depressed about it. Eisenhower’s granddaughter testified that her grandfather had signed an agreement with the aliens, that they would have a secret landing base here in Area 51 in Nevada, that they could come in contact with a small number of people, conduct experiments, and that the condition was that they provide us with technologies — for example, anti-gravity.

And we received these technologies? Yes. We have anti-gravity and other things. So why are they hiding from us and how can all the governments and armies in the world be able to cooperate in concealment of this magnitude? Not “all the world governments”. There is a group of partners – the Americans, the Russians, the Japanese, the English, and the Chinese – all coordinated at a level that is still not allowed to publish, and those who asked not to publish it are them.

Who are “them”? The Galactic Federation. Is there such a thing? It exists. I wrote about it even though it was perceived as a conspiracy theory, but lately former senior generals are also saying to publish [sic], and Trump was on the verge of finding out, and a few mainstream professors are also saying: guys, tell us. But the aliens in the federation say: wait, let the spirits calm down first, do not publish yet because look what’s happening. You’re still fighting each other, you’ll destroy yourself.

Why not come and talk to us directly? Because it will create panic and collapse humanity. What will happen? The markets will collapse, there will be nothing to eat, people will become cannibals, hospitals will be shut down, all the dark passions will come out, it may be the end – and they are not interested in it. On the contrary, they are constantly keeping track – and there are a lot of reports about it – the nuclear events in the world, they are monitoring all the stations and nuclear weapons bases – I am willing to give you all the things in writing [sic] – and there have been things they have prevented. Know that it is not just luck that the Russians in the Bay of Pigs did not use nuclear weapons against the Americans. Someone neutralized it. Without them I have no doubt that humanity would have already destroyed itself. They want to say to humanity: children, calm down!

Why not make contact when their intentions are peaceful and say so explicitly? The UFOs have asked not to publish that they are here, humanity is not ready yet. There will be a great rampage of everyone, and what the Inquisition did to guys like Galileo and Copernicus will return. They want to make us sane and understand first. In general, what are space and spacecraft – think, in World War I we did not even have planes – and they do not want mass hysteria here, with the best example being what happened in 1938, with Orson Welles’ World of Wars show, and the police collapsed and everything exploded And what they say is: first of all let’s stand, that the stock markets will not fall, that there will be no rampage, that humanity will calm down a little.

Are we in communication with them regarding the date of publication? There is an agreement between the U.S. government and aliens – I can not prove it, I understand it sounds like a conspiracy theory – but the understanding is that the Galactic Federation has nine elements of advanced aliens of various kinds, who signed a contract with us to do experiments here.

What interest do they have in us? There are all kinds of resources here. There is water here in quantities that are not found nowhere else, there is all kinds of vegetation, all kinds of animals, the ocean.

But for an intelligent species more developed than us, how are we useful to them? We are their petri dish. They too are researching and trying to understand the whole fabric of the universe, and they want us as helpers. To date the petri dish has not been stabilized – but it is estimated that we are reaching this stage: religion is accepting their existence – the Vatican has already announced that it wants to baptize them; the UN has appointed an ambassador for foreign affairs (Molan Othman); the corona calmed everything and brought us closer to them.

Come on, in the present age there is no way such a thing would have been kept secret. How many years have they kept a secret that the earth is not the center of the universe? 1,500 years. Or the ‘Manhattan Project’ (US atomic bomb project)? Do you know how many people worked there? 150 thousand people. How many knew what it was? Three. So if you want to keep such a thing a secret, you can. And there is a terrible, obsessive system of silence, of the Americans, who have decided, under the guidance of the aliens, who are not yet publishing. Robert Bigelow also said: I can not publish the films.

How many life forms are there in space? There are thousands of stars with conditions similar enough to ours, and serious scientists have identified and documented dozens of life forms – even though the mainstream does not accept it. The closest to us are what we call the ‘grays’, which are gray creatures with large eyes with them.

Where are they in geographic relation to us? Supposedly some came from the Pleiades, planets that have living conditions we know of – we can not get there, but they can get to us because they are much more advanced.
Where else in the neighborhood is there life? “There is an underground base on Mars. There are their representatives there as well as our American astronauts.” How do we know that? “Do you want articles? There are. But science, so far, doesn’t want to hear.”

What does their craft look like? The big spacecraft is almost the size of a small town. Small spaceships come out of it – most of them robotic, manned by intelligent robots. At first, they will send such robots, primitive to them, or a message we will have to decipher.

To reach us they need to move at least at the speed of light. What is their propulsion method – rocket? Nuclear? No. They have a method of producing a bubble that neutralizes time-space, and the tool does not move – space moves, and this is consistent with general relativity. Take for example an ant that wants to get from one end of a page to the other. Now let’s say I folded the page in half – it moves to its other side in a second. That’s how you fold time-space as well.

What do they use to move time-space? This is a bit of complex physics; motion is based on dark energy – 25 percent of the universe is dark matter – which allows time-space to be distorted and reach other galaxies in no time. You can create a tiny black hole – that, by the way, is what you do with a particle accelerator in Switzerland – that sucks stars out quickly and spits them out. These are technologies that sound like science fiction but we are at the threshold.

And what will happen when they come to us? Humanity will connect to the fabric of the universe, and once we connect, our science will leap in thousands of years, we will be capable of anti-gravity, we will move between star systems, religion will lose the control it has today – aliens do not believe in religion, they believe in deciphering the fabric of the universe, which is not God, it is math.

Tell me, why are they always described as relatively short creatures, with long necks and big heads? This is exactly the way the immediate human imagination will see them. No. They have all kinds of shapes – they are a function of the star around which they cluster, and some of them can shapeshift.

Is it biologically feasible? Yes. Here is an example that you will understand immediately [Eshed points to the heavy wooden table between us]. It’s a table, right? It’s made of atoms. And if the nucleus of the atom is here on the table – do you know where its electron is? Maybe in Rosh Pina, maybe in the middle of nothing. It’s quantum theory; the material is empty.

Even when we die we do not die, because we are made of molecules and atoms, and we move to another energy. You connect back to the cosmic fabric, to the web, to the connection of consciousnesses. You are consciousness.The consciousnesses will not die. Everything you have accumulated is added. It goes to the same network – and everything you have accumulated in your life, the personality, the total of what you have gone through, it accumulates. Stephen Hawking also realized that our consciousness adds to the fabric of the universe. We are building blocks. Stepping stones.


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