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Richmond, Virginia – A team of female conservators has opened a second time capsule found in Virginia at the base of a controversial statue of Civil War general Robert E. Lee.

“They found it!” tweeted Virgina Governor Ralph Northam. “This is likely the time capsule everyone was looking for.”

The time capsule is from 1887 and was opened on Tuesday in Richmond and livestreamed to thousands. The opening lasted several hours, after a previous container had also been found in the remains of the monument last week.

Books, coins, ammunition, documents, newspapers, a Bible, and a magazine from 1865 were found in the container.

Kate Ridgeway, Virginia’s Archaeological Conservator and the project’s lead, said the items were a “little more wet than we had hoped for” as she opened the copper box.

However, a rare photograph of Abraham Lincoln laying in his coffin was not discovered as expected. Historical documents had led to the belief that the photo could be inside, yet the mystery remains.


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