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What are the chances that this is a large alien mothership UFO that is trying to appear like a fishing boat or a supertanker and is hovering over Lake Michigan in the United States?

This is the question I’m asking everyone because, at the magic number of 27 seconds into this excellent UFO video, you’ll see exactly what I mean: it looks real.

Our vision is being tricked by either the light or the way the water merges with the “vessel,” so which is it?

So, is this Earth-based Alien Mothership posing as a supertanker, cargo ship, or fishing vessel, or are we at risk of becoming intergalactic slaves on a massive Alien spaceship headed for a mining colony in deep space on an Alien minimum wage of bread and water? Most likely not.

The lake has something floating around. It is not a naive student’s “animated graphics entry” for a competition or exam; rather, it is a genuine UFO video.

Is it an optical illusion?
Is the water playing a trick?
Is this “overall” made by humans or an alien?

If I were the person who saw this from the shore of Lake Michigan, I would film it and, if I had a camera with a good zoom, as this man does, I would try to figure it out by zooming in.

There are a couple of things about this that provide me with a great deal of concern (if this is genuine):
For starters, it is said to be a Mothership UFO that is visible to the entire world in the open air!

It even attempts to or is hiding.
If this is an alien ship, is it communicating with humans?
How did this get here?
Do you know of any “real ships” that have passed by and reported this to the authorities?

Because if it appears like this, people near the shore can tell that it is not a typical ship made by humans and begin recording it.

Then surely any “even half vigilant” captains of nearby ships can observe it and report it to the police; let’s face it, at the very least, the police should be called, right?

For the record, this appears odd, but that is not the question because there is only one:
Has this alleged Mothership UFO been brought to the attention of the appropriate authorities?

Is there a nearby “Interstellar” spacecraft that the International Space Station has unintentionally observed? Or is the blurry streak that UFO hunters found in new NASA footage shot through the space station’s window just a reflection of the window? Let the simplest explanation prevail.

danielofdoriaa, a YouTube user, uploaded a video from the ISS’s Web-streamed live camera feed on September 11. In his clarified film, he brings up a weak, extended white shape with a slick column of weak white spots close to it set against the darkness of the room just underneath the bend of the Earth.

The YouTuber describes it as an “amazing UFO mothership letting out an orb fleet on ISS live feed” in the video’s title.

That would truly be amazing. However, ufologist Marc D’Antonio, who works as the chief photo and video analyst for an international organization known as the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), has looked at thousands of ISS photos and videos that have been claimed to contain UFOs.

According to D’Antonio, the hazy white marks in this image are a common sight: They are reflected light from the ISS window.

“If a window is between you and an object while you are looking at it, the window is always suspect. D’Antonio told Life’s Little Mysteries, “Your first move in trying to identify the object is to try to eliminate that it’s a reflection.

“According to his calculations, this video does not advance past the initial round of elimination. For a certain something, the item being referred to is in an alternate plane of concentration from Earth, he said.

The Earth and any other distant object would be captured in the same focal plane by a camera set to maximum distance. This suggests that the white blur is not far away at all: a reflection from the window just in front of the camera.

Second, the ISS crew and ground control have seen everything before, as this object did not set off any alarms.”The majority of the ground control personnel simply assumed that this was a reflection in the window,” D’Antonio stated.


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