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Are you someone who believe in ghosts, UFOs, paranormal creatures or other supernatural phenomena? Then here is a video that you should not miss. A chilling video showing a mysterious white figure has gone viral on several social media platforms.

The video with the mysterious figure was recorded near Morehead in Kentucky, United States. The eerie footage was caught on a CCTV camera installed in that area. The clip has sparked a debate among paranormal experts from around the globe.

Posted on Twitter by Paranormality Magazine, the strange creature resembles a human-like figure but is hunched over. “Here’s the video of the Pale creature caught on a security cam near Moorhead, KY,” reads the caption. It also comes with a hashtag reading cryptid.

In the 33-second video, a white, lanky human-like figure appears hunched over near the back garden of a home. It is then seen carefully looking around and moving ahead as it approaches the house owner’s car. As the video proceeds, a person can be heard in the background saying, “You can see his face clearly” in the audio of the clip.

Watch the strange video here:

Since being shared, the clip has amassed more than 5,38,000 views as well as several comments on the microblogging site. The video has left Twitter users stumped. People around the world have been discussing what the white figure could be and how it appeared in the garden.

One user commented that “I feel this looks like a person in a body suit” while another inquired about the details of the incident . “You know the exact location? I’m part of a paranormal research team based in Morehead,” they wrote. A third user asked why the camera was moving like a person was holding it.

Few even raised questions over the authenticity of the video, and claimed that it was fake. Several others highlighted the quality of the video which was blurred to confuse people.

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