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USS Gyatt encounters the dark triangular object in the Atlantic (mock up)

US Navy destroyer USS Gyatt was at the centre of the extraordinary encounter which saw an unknown object spend five nights menacing the ship.

Declassified files show how the destroyer encountered the mysterious object multiple times in November 1964 while sailing around 200 miles from Puerto Rico in the Atlantic Ocean.

It was tracked on the ship’s radar and is reported to have have made extraordinary manoeuvres at incredible speed – while also being able to suddenly move slowly at low altitudes.

The object was also tracked by a radar station as it is reported to have hit speeds at up to 4,400mph.

US files on the object described it as delta shaped or triangular and black or dark gray with “extreme high speed and altitude capability”.

The incident was investigated by the US’s secret UFO team at the time – Project Blue Book – and was filed away as an “unidentified aircraft”.

And so, some 60 years on from the incident it remains unexplained and a fascinating case as UFOs take centre stage once again in Washington.

Lawmakers, former servicemen and intelligence officials are now all speaking more openly about UFOs – including a landmark hearing last month on Capitol Hill.


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