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Phil Johnson appeared on social media to share footage from his camera mounted on the front doorbell in complete confusion about seeing him appear just seconds after he was filmed throwing trash. The 31-year-old father said that his friends were similarly confused by the strange sight that was recorded on January 7.

“I have no idea what that is.” I watched it over and over again and I still do not understand what happened. I am not ghostly or supernatural at all. “And I do not want ghost killers to come here to investigate this.”

“I do not know what that object is. “My partner thinks it’s weird and she’s a little scared of it,” he said. He said that even his friends “think it’s weird” and that although he “never believed in ghosts”, he does now.

While many would say that the video simply shows the exhalation of cigarette smoke, gusts of wind and dust, or a defect in the video, others, like Johnson, may see it as a potential ghost.


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