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November 7, 1997, 40-year-old William Molt was reported missing in Lantana, Florida, USA.

According to reports, Mold left the nightclub alone and called his girlfriend around 9.30pm to tell her he was on his way home. Unfortunately, he never returned.

Police launched an investigation into the missing person, but without any trace, the case remained unsolved.

But more than 20 years after his disappearance, someone spotted a sunken vehicle in a Google Maps pond and reported it to police, prompting a new investigation.

Mold’s body was discovered in 2019, and sources claim that satellite images of the vehicle have been available on Google Earth since 2007.

Due to the condition of the car, the police determined that he was probably under water for a long time.

old’s remains were located in the vehicle after it was pulled from the pond, and an autopsy confirmed Moldt’s identity a week later.

Police believe Mold lost control of his vehicle and crashed into a pond.


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