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Are aliens coming?

This astonishing and unique phenomenon became a topic of discussion online in astronomy groups. Many things started coming out about this. Many called it a UFO, while many people said that this is some trick of the enemy country. Somebody even called it a black hole. Many users on the social site termed it as a sign of the arrival of aliens.

This amazing sight was seen due to the rocket

However, Professor Richard Ether, a physicist at the University of Auckland, had a much simpler answer. According to The Guardian, he believed the spiral was formed by a rocket taking off.debate on blue light in the sky

Blue light in the sky is becoming a big issue of debate for the people. Many people say that, it seems aliens have arrived. Many comments are coming about this on social sites. People are giving arguments according to their knowledge. Due to this many questions are being raised about the existence of aliens. Somebody is saying, aliens are coming. Some are telling black holes and some are understanding something else. Now where does this argument end and what will be its conclusion, it will decide the time to come.Do aliens exist in the world

Various stories have come out about the existence of aliens in the world. If someone talks about seeing UFOs, then there are many people who think that there is someone from far away who is watching us.Are aliens smarter than us

Many experts believe that aliens are more powerful and intelligent than the humans of the earth. The science there is millions of years ahead of the science of the earth. However, so far such tales are only anecdotal, in reality so far no true evidence has come before us which can prove that aliens also exist in this world.


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